Track: Unleashing the Value of Big Data Using Analytics

Topic: Cutting Through the Hype: Case Studies Identifying Business Opportunities, Overcoming Data Problems, and Driving Indisputable Value From Analytics

Bio: David Cieslak, PhD is Aunalytics’ VP of Data Scientist and joined the company at its inception in May 2012. At Aunalytics, Cieslak has worked on numerous analytical projects with mid-sized businesses in the financial, healthcare, and media sectors, applying advanced Machine Learning methods to achieve results. Cieslak came to Aunalytics from the University of Notre Dame where he earned his PhD in 2009. Subsequently, he joined the university’s staff as a part of the research faculty where he contributed on high value grants with both the federal government and a Fortune 500 company. Cieslak has published numerous articles in highly regarded journals, conferences, and workshops in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, and Grid Computing.