Indy Big Data Conference, 2015

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Welcome to the official website for the Indy Big Data Conference, 2015.
There is no question that big data is big business these days and that a lot of people are talking about this – the latest buzzword in the tech space. But what they are asking themselves more privately is, what does big data mean to me and my business and how can I possibly profit from another item on my big – and ever growing – to do list?
These and the solutions to many other big data challenges is what the Indy Big Data Conference seeks to provide. Big data is generally defined as data sets so big or volumes of data so deep that they can’t possibly be navigated by your everyday data management tools.

And with most growing trends, a whole new terminology has grown up around big data, a jungle of words if you will, that mimic, well the jungle. For example, who knew Hadoop, one of the most widely used data mining tool is actually an elephant? And what about Pig and ZooKeeper?

At the Indy Big Data Conference, we’ll teach you how to navigate the jungle of big data terminology, as we seek to speak a common language, all to ensure we are asking the right questions and not unnecessarily complicating an already complicated subject.

We will also journey with you deeper into the jungle to tackle some of the biggest, big data hurdles across all sectors including Agriculture, Healthcare, Sports, Insurance, Manufacturing and Retail; hurdles that include, how do we marry our sources so that our big data can speak to us? How do we safely store it, when we have so much of it? And how do we visualize it so the most people in our organization can understand and benefit from it?

These questions and many more are what the Indy Big Data Conference presenters, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors will answer for all of you. In addition, we will provide case studies, panel presentations, keynote speakers, training and even a visualization challenge, that gets to the bottom line – which is also the 2015 conference theme – mining big data for big profits.

No conference that lies in the tech space would be complete without a showcase of the latest advancements in technology, so hold onto your hats as we preview for you some of the latest the space has to offer and shine the spotlight on Indiana and the region’s capabilities.

Finally, as we raise the curtain on the Conference’s official website and unveil our conference plans, I invite you to join myself and the rest of the Conference Ventures and ST Logics teams, on a journey through the jungle of big data and into the clearing of big profits.

Until we meet you on May 7, 2015 at the Indiana Convention Center, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in at Indybigdata.

Christine Van Marter
Chairman of the Indy Big Data Conference, 2015
CEO Conference Ventures