The Advisory Committee for the Indy Big Data Conference, 2015

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Indianapolis, Indiana – The Advisory Committee for the Indy Big Data Conference, 2015, is pleased to announce our first official tracks for the 2015 Conference scheduled to take place on May 7, 2015 at the Indiana Convention Center. Four of the tracks are focused on solving some of the biggest Big Data challenges: Source,Storage, Analytics and Visualization. These challenges are shared by Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs),academic and business leaders across a wide-range of sectors, including Agriculture, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Sports and Manufacturing.

Data comes from many locations, which means that there will be challenges in combining data sets into compatible formats. A common example occurs in the case of mergers and acquisitions, one company may code its data one way, while another codes it completely differently. Presenters, panelists and case study moderators at the May 7,2015 Conference will provide solutions across sectors to marry up the sources.

Our 2015 Conference Theme is “Mining Big Data for Big Profits.” Big Data, means just that, it’s big, big enough that it can’t be navigated by an organization’s existing data management tools, leaving many company leaders asking: Where can I store this data and how can I do it securely?Conference speakers and panelists, through discussions and case studies will demonstrate storage solutions that work.

An additional track will focus on data analytics and the advancements being made in areas of expertise such as predictive analytics, which today can forecast everything from potential responders to disease treatments to predicting which consumers are the safest bets for loaning money.

An additional track will include the Conference’s “Data Visualization Challenge” where audience members will vote for the best visualization tool of the trade; including cost-effectiveness. Through the challenge,some of the biggest names in big data visualization will be given a complex data set and their challenge will be to display it visually in away that makes the most sense to the maximum number of people within an organization in order for the most employees to benefit from the display of information.

The Indy Big Data Conference Advisory Committee is also pleased to announce Cloudera and Oracle as the latest sponsors of the conference.

This event will attract both national and local IT industry experts and business leaders to share their Big Data success stories. It is anticipated that approximately 800 CIOs, CMOs, business and academic leaders,marketing experts, IT practitioners and students will be attending in2015.

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